We are glad to offer you our services for ATP testing and issuing ATP (FNA, FRC) certificates for refrigerated vehicles and semi-trailers (TIR).
We conduct periodical inspections of insulated bodies for the purpose of the extension of ATP (FRC, FNA) certificate validity period.

Range of testing: •Mechanically refrigerated TIR semi-trailers
•Mechanically refrigerated vehicles
•Mechanically refrigerated trailers
•Refrigerated vehicles
•Cooling units for use in refrigerated carriage

We offer:
Apart from inspections in order to extend the validity period of ATP certificates, as described above, at our based Laboratory we also perform: •measuring of the overall coefficient (K)of heat transfer regarding new and already in use refrigerated transport equipment for the purpose of obtaining ATP certificates
•complete examination of mechanically refrigerated vehicles (conditioned semi-trailers, refrigerated vehicles, trailers, vehicles, etc.) as well as non-mechanically refrigerated insulated vehicles.
•measuring the working efficiency of the heating equipment for refrigerated transport vehicles.
•testing the effective refrigerating capacity of the cooling unit
•measuring of the overall coefficient of heat transfer (K coefficient) for cisterns transporting liquid-foodstuffs-by means of a thermovision camera to individual order.
Our laboratory keeps an electronic list of ATP certificates issued and available on the Internet website http://www.atp-service.eu.